Soterion Features

Access Risk Manager: Identify Risk

Gain insight into your SAP access risks with business-friendly reporting.

SAP Access Risk Analysis — Incorporating Transactional Usage

Soterion for SAP analyses users’ authorizations and incorporates the user’s historical transactional usage data to differentiate between the potential and the actual access risks. This allows business to focus on the real access risk in the SAP environment.

Business-friendly SAP Access Risk Reporting

Soterion for SAP allows the organisation to view data from every angle by using drag-and-drop functionality for grouping and filtering. Graphical overviews show the organisation’s access risk landscape, including high-risk areas, in relation to risk tolerance and appetite levels. Reporting on SAP access risks at department level makes it easy to define information ownership.

Soterion GRC Access Risk Manager

Basis Review Manager: Inspecting the SAP Basis Configuration to Ensure Compliancy

SAP Basis Configurations provide system-level controls to secure an SAP system.

These configuration settings can be set up to be in line with your specific security requirements.

The Soterion Basis Review Manager will inspect your SAP Basis Configuration against a set of rules that are based on industry best practices.

Since these configurations usually form part of an annual external audit, our Basis Review Manager will allow you to be prepared, and will establish complete compliance to avoid adverse audit findings.

Soterion GRC Basis Review Manager

Elevated Rights Manager: Granting Sensitive Access in a Safe and Structured Environment

From time to time, clients need temporary or emergency access for a limited period – often called firefighter access.

This module allows you to do this effortlessly, while adhering to audit requirements.

Soterion’s Elevated Rights Manager grants sensitive access in an automated workflow-driven process, and enables your management team to perform a structured review of any activities that were performed during the Elevated Rights Access check-out period.

Soterion GRC Elevated Rights Manager Rights Manager

Periodic Review Manager: Aligning Your GRC Capabilities with Your Business Objectives

Periodically reviewing your SAP user access, analysing the associated risks and evaluating the necessary controls will align your GRC capacity with your individual business targets.

This process will significantly enhance the insight into your GRC environment, as well as being an audit and statutory requirement in many business environments.

Soterion GRC Periodic Review Manager

SAP License Manager: Optimise Expenditure and Retain Compliance by Taking Control of Your SAP License Management

SAP Licensing Manager is a crucial element in creating an economical and compliant strategy for effective software asset management.

Soterion’s SAP Licensing Manager can provide you with the insight you need to tailor your SAP license agreement to your organisation’s specific requirements, ensuring optimal contract management and complete compliance whilst reducing unplanned and excess costs.

Soterion GRC SAP License Manager

Employee Self-Service: SAP User Role Provisioning will be Revolutionised by Soterion’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) Module

Soterion’s ESS Module enables you to decentralise the provisioning of SAP user access.

This functionality reduces the time it takes users to obtain their required access, as well as lowering the costs associated with having large SAP Security teams to support the user provisioning process in your business.

Soterion GRC Employee Self-Service