Alteryx Server accelerates your time to analytical insight and empowers analysts and business users across your organization to make informed, data-driven decisions. Using a scalable platform to deploy and share analytics, you and your team can easily collaborate on business-critical decisions.

Not only does Alteryx Server provide self-service data analytics, it’s IT friendly too. With 24x7 dependability and advanced administration options, you can avoid costly business interruptions and potential security issues. It’s the fastest and easiest way to deploy data intensive analytics across your organization. And with built in APIs and macros, you can integrate Alteryx processes directly into other internal and external applications easily for additional extensibility.

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Highly scalable workflows speeding time to insight

Alteryx Server offers you multiple ways to scale analytics and offload data intensive processes to a reliable server architecture that delivers faster time to insight, better governance, and improved analytic capabilities.

Flexible and Scalable

Whether you are building out an analytic practice for 10 users or 10,000 users, Alteryx Server provides a flexible architecture deployable on-premise or in the cloud, so you can easily scale up or scale out as your business needs grow.

Schedule and Automate

Utilize built-in scheduling and automation capabilities to run analytic workflows as needed to generate reports and refresh data sets on a centralized server so everyone can access the data anytime or anywhere.


Offload data prep, blending, and analytics using a trusted environment. Large jobs no longer hold you hostage to your desktop. With Alteryx Server, you can move your organization’s analytic processes to a fault tolerant and secure place that runs workflows simultaneously and more efficiently than any desktop.


Empower everyone to make data driven decisions

Create, publish, and share analytic workflows and apps with those you want by using a private gallery or extend the data directly into other applications using our APIs and macros, plus you can track versions and manage changes too.

Apps Made Easy

With Alteryx Server, store, share, and publish analytic workflows and applications across your organization in a central and secure private environment, empowering your organization to get the data anytime.

APIs and Macros

Build your own runtime-driven tools using the Alteryx API and the Software Developer’s Kit to embed processes into other internal applications and expose these tools to those that need it across your organization.

Secure and Effective Collaboration

Save workflows in a centralized repository with peace of mind. And with built-in version control capabilities, you can track and roll back changes as needed.

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Get ready to reduce risk and downtime

When it comes to deploying self-service data analytics and managing cross-functional teams, Alteryx can help you enable and manage centralized analytic workflows that don’t break existing IT governance controls.

Administration and Monitoring Tools for IT

With detailed usage reporting, auditing and standardized logging tools, system administrators have the confidence of ensuring proper control, security, and meeting service level agreements.

Available Data and Workflows

With built-in, automatic recovery capabilities, you never have to worry. Alteryx gives you the confidence to know that IT can make software updates and perform backups as needed.

Central and Secure

By storing your analytic applications in a central, secure location, authors and administrators can ensure analytic governance by restricting access to the right data using corporate authentication, permission, and encryption protocols.

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